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From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. Electrical or pneumatic Cabinets 64 Locking / Cabinets Lockout cabinet Two adjustable shelves (12 positions). Locked CATU Electrical Safety. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue. 1. SICAME GROUP / The world of electrical safety; 2. Electrical safety, our business. Now more.

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| Le monde de la sécurité électrique

An extremely simple way to test the voltage cataloge an overhead line without leaving the ground. Voltage of use behind capacitive dividers: Feet with rubber tips.

Insulating boots Provide electrical insulation protecting “step voltages. MPLOT Periodic inspection Insulating blanket should not be used without having been electrically tested within twelve month preceding with the exception of class 00 and 0. Need a little bit more out of an insulated pole? Its ergonomic shape improves the self-adjusting descent. The APE is a grounding system with an interlocking system between earthing and line clamps. Mittens Cotton mittens, limit the effects of perspiration and its fingerless gloves shape allowing to keep cata,ogue maximum of dexterity.

Any category combination may be used. Adjusting the height position.


Earthing equipment for overhead lines systems Earth rod to be ordered separately. Sturdy thermo-plastic moulded cwtu providing. Locking Lockers Electrical or pneumatic socket lockers Polystyrene.

Delivered in a caring bag. Gloves box Specially designed for protecting insulating gloves. It is used for safe and accurate installation earthing clamp and then line clamp and removal line clamp and then earthing clamp.

The gloves are individually tested and sold in a sealed cataloguue bag. Workers must be provided with suitable fall arrestor harnesses connected to both ropes.

Retractable type fall arrestors. To fix a life line from the ground. CM… For elements series CM Removal of the minimum height of 3 m: Insulating sticks Nevers type.

The users can then hook themselves to the safety line using a fall arrest device or a shock absorbing lanyard. High dielectric quality insulating material. Signalling by 3 red diodes. MC Bypass housing Reference Connector with insulated probe. Inspection and Storage of Insulating Gloves All insulating gloves must be visible inspected after inflation and before each use.

Used for No Voltage Checks and also: Synthetic orange colour rubber. Only visual inspection is required for class 0. Face shield adjustable on MO helmet.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Clamp stick mounting type. Accessories Reference Description C Spare probe 0. Integrated voltage detecting system V. Rung footrest tested daN. Polyamide central lug attaches to snap-hook of belt. It also enables assessment of the order of magnitude of the residual voltage induced by nearby live lines or circuits, and thus differentiates it from the one provided directly from a high voltage source.


Before use Visually inspected by the user. For distance working 2 removables elements g Reference M 80 cm M extension 40 cm Connecting test probe by standard socket. Accessory Plastic carrying case: Nbr steps kg 2. Adhesive tape black and yellow. It remains locked until it is unlocked. Our life saving equipment is designed to make all necessary equipment immediately available to rescue people.

Others references, consult us. Easy to install with the two articulated parts. This range allows a stick-length limitation in case of space requirements and carrying capabilities. Our gloves are made of rubber especially treated to obtain high dielectric characteristics and they are individually tested and sold in an individual packaging.

CI 36 max. Pulling on the rope triggers the spring and closes cataloggue jaw Earthing cable: Skirting on three sides. Separation which forms a tool tray.