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Capryloyl glycine | C10H19NO3 | CID – structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities. capryloylglycine. caprylyl glycine. caprylylglycine. glycine, N-(1-oxooctyl)-. lipacide C 8G. 2-, octanamidoacetic acid. 2-(, octanoyl amino) acetic acid. 31 Products CAPRYLOYL GLYCINE ingredient for cosmetics formulations – find latest products launched and their applications in relevant industry news and.

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A limitation of low molecular weight organic acids is that they are effective in acid form capryloy hence only at low pH show efficacy as antimicrobial preservative. The protein solution was preserved with 1. The present invention provides a preservative system that is based on undecylenoyl derivatives that are not affected by the variation in the pH.

capryloyl glycine

It can restrict the growth of bacteria. The ‘liquid alcohol ether’ as used herein like 2-ethyl hexyl glyceryl ether is also a surfactant where the hydrophobe is provided by octyl group and the hydrophilic portion is the two hydroxyl groups of glycerine moiety and the ether linkage. N-Octanoyl glycine separates as white solid that is filtered and washed with copious amount of water to free it from mineral acidity. High purity glycine with free sample. The three component systems exhibit optimum broad spectrum performance when the undecylenoyl component [A], octanoyl component [B] and the liquid alcohol ether [C] are present in a certain ratio.

Preservation of personal care products from microbial contamination has become a difficult task since the available approved antimicrobials are very few and those which have good antimicrobial activity are quite toxic.


Quantitative metabolomics services for biomarker discovery and validation. Microemulsions of lipidated glycines and phenoxy ethanol for preservation of personal care products. Donald Orth in ‘Insights into cosmetic microbiology’, Allured Publications, The present invention relates to the preservation of personal care formulations with synergistic blends of three types of ingredients that offer a broad spectrum of activity against the microbes namely, an undecylenic acid derivative of Formula Ian octanoic acid component of Formula II and a liquid alcohol ether, 2-phenoxy ethanol or 2-ethyl hexyl glyceryl ether or blend of the two.

Chloroxylenol is significantly toxic to mammals and is a skin irritant with quite allergic properties. Some researchers think glycine may have a role in cancer prevention because it seems to interfere with the blood supply needed by certain tumors. Emmet in Journal of the American Chemical Society On the contrary it lowers the performance against Gram negative bacteria if phenoxy ethanol percentage is lowered. Wholesale cosmetic raw material Capryloyl Glycine.

Aminoethyl Capryloyl Glycin Glycine Caprylylglycine. Usually we will arrange the shipment in 7 days.

The preservative compositions of this patent application blends are active against Gram positive, Gram negative bacteria, yeast and mould. What’s your payment terms?

The same company offers blends of only parabens as ‘Nipastat’ and ‘Nipasept’. The present invention provides novel combinations of surfactants with undecylenic chain as the hydrophobe Formula I and surfactants with octanoyl chain Caprylyol II as the hydrophobe along with ‘liquid alcohol ethers’ like 2-phenoxy ethanol or 2-ethyl hexyl glyceryl ether.


Capryloylglycine | C10H19NO3 | ChemSpider

Acyl glycines are produced through the action of glycine N-acyltransferase EC 2. Cargoes photo capfyloyl and after loading into container 4. Property Value Source Water Solubility. Synergistic mixtures of aromatic alcohols and derivatives thereof and tropolone derivatives. This can be seen from the results depicted in Table IV. It was found to possess moderate activity against the broad range of microbes in the range to ppm concentration when tested at neutral pH.

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There are glyxine number of cosmetic ingredients derived from undecylenic acid that are commercially available. It helps carry the active ingredient and reduce wrinkles.

Add phase B and mix until homogenous. The consumer’ s awareness is very high and expects the preservatives in personal care products to be not only effective but extremely mild on the person since one uses personal care products life long.

Preservative industry’s efforts in this direction have been met with little or no success at all. Finally pH was adjusted to 7. Some of the products can be supplied within 7 days on the strength of EDC warehouse. Formaldehyde cappryloyl classified as Category 3 CMR carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxicity. The compound does not exhibit any antimicrobial activity, neither against bacteria nor against yeast and mould up to 1.