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Read and download Canon Film Camera QL19 User’s Manual online. Download free Canon user manuals, owners manuals, instructions, warranties and. Canonet QL click for On one, the inside of the battery cap has a hole in it. PS I saw somewhere that the actual battery on this one was a RM-1R or RM1. The Canonet QL 19 is a coupled-rangefinder, leaf-shuttered 35mm The camera can be full-manual or shutter-speed priority automatic.

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Still pretty sharp although perhaps not as contrasty as some. Not to mention the later GIII model This must be where Apple gets its infamous hardware naming scheme. I have two of these now, both of them in fabulous cosmetic condition, with nice leather cases and the usual issues: However both have sthe dreaded Canonet stuck shutter blade problem and are in the caninet of being fixed, slowly, slowly.

Canon Canonet G III QL19 Manuals

On one, the inside of the battery cap has a hole in it. I got a spring at the hardware store to make up the difference, and the meter needle jumps but no shutter movement even on auto no EE.


Taking off the top cap was easy enough.

The wind lever is held on by a smooth retaining ring that unscrews counterclockwise, just needed a firm grip. Once the top cap was off I could see clearly what had been rattling around, a mirror from the rangefinder mahual to which the glue had given up. A little Windex and some very carefully applied contact cement fixed that.

Cleaned up the rest maual the rangefinder mirrors and glass with Windex and Q-tips and now that rangefinder is super-bright and clear. Still no shutter movement, so on to the bottom cap. A couple screws and a retaining ring to get the cap off, then three screws to remove lq19 battery chamber. The good news is that there was enough slack in the wire to see the problem — unlike on my Electro — but it had the same corroded wire leading from the battery chamber, damage from a battery left too long.

Canon Canonet QL19

This wire will need replacing. There is clearly more wrong than I first thought. The shutter seems to work on an indirect release mechanism canoney is highly sensitive to any friction on the blades.

I worked the blades wet on and off over a couple of weeks when I was watching TV, that kind of thing. The good news is that replacing the light seals on this camera was cannonet the most straightforward so far; the grooves were fairly shallow like on an SLR like I said, it feels like an SLR body canojet, and the seals on the door itself are already made of black felt.


Canon Canonet QL19 – Matt’s Classic Cameras

To open the back of the camera you instead pull out a little tab on the bottom left from the backnot the film rewind knob. Focusing on this camera is done with a lever attached to the focus ring on the left hand side, very quick and efficient. Obviously this is practical only with a fixed lens. The Quick-Load QL system is true to its name, just pull the film leader across, and as you close the back a flap springs down to hold it in place and you can just start winding on.

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Produced Canon Camera Co. Repairs On one, the inside of the battery cap has a hole in it.