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Download Procedures Perform the procedures below. * The manual is formatted in PDF. 1. Click the file name below to display download. pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Canon PowerShot S45 Digital Camera User Manual. Page 1. View and Download Canon Powershot S45 user manual online. Canon Powershot S User Guide. Powershot S45 Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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However, Canon makes no warranties concerning, and is not responsible for damages resulting from, use of non Canon Brand Accessories. This mark denotes additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures.

About the Thumb Index A quick introduction intended for new users who want to shoot first and learn more later. Tells you how to get the camera running and how to begin shooting and playing back images. Introduces you to all of the camera components, and explains how to load batteries and use the shutter button, among other basic functions. Functions and operations tables. These pages are shaded on the right edges to make them easy to find. Automated Playback Slide Show Before you try to photograph important subjects, we highly recommend that you shoot several trial images to confirm that the camera is operating and being operated correctly.

Please note that Canon Inc. Confirm that smoke or fume emissions have ceased.

In dusty, humid or greasy environments, the dust that collects around the plug over long periods of time may become saturated with humidity and short-circuit, leading to fire. Do not place metal objects on top of the terminals. There is a risk of fire and other hazards.

Charge the battery using the supplied battery charger. The charging is complete when the charge indicator turns from red to green. To Immediately Delete the Displayed Image 1. Press the button while the image is displayed. Confirm that [Erase] is selected and press on the multicontroller. Aim the camera and lightly press the shutter button halfway.

Two beeps will sound when the autofocus is set. Shooting Mode Dial Use the shooting mode dial to switch between the Shooting modes. Operating the Multicontroller The multicontroller is used to select choices, images and menus on caon LCD manuak and confirm the selection.

Moving the cursor on the LCD monitor up and down. It can be recharged at any time. Polish the terminals with a tissue or a dry cloth before charging or using the battery pack. Turn off the camera p. Battery pack charge is low. Recharge it as soon as possible before it is required for an extended period.

When the LCD monitor is off, this icon will display when you press the Battery charge is insufficient to operate the camera.

Canon PowerShot S45 Digital Camera User Manual

Installing a CF Card Turn off the camera p. Do not perform the following, for image data may be lost or corrupted: Do not attempt to disassemble or alter a CF card. Start from Step 5 to set the date and time. Turn on the camera p. Setting the Language Turn on the camera p. To change the startup sound and image, see below and pages 40 and Switching between Shooting and Replaying You can quickly switch between Shooting mode and Replaying mode. This is convenient when you wish to shoot again after checking or deleting an image immediately after it is shot.


Pressing the shutter button halfway Shooting Mode Pressing the the LCD monitor display mode. An audio file other than a wave file, or a file with an unrecognized format, is attached. About the Histogram The histogram is a graph that allows you to judge the brightness of the recorded image. The greater the bias toward the left in the graph, the darker the image. The greater the bias toward to the right, the brighter the image. If the image is dark, adjust the exposure compensation to a positive number.

Image Seen in Viewfinder vs. Recorded Image Please note that the actual image may differ from the image seen in the optical viewfinder due to the physical separation between the viewfinder and lens. Pressing the Shutter Button The shutter button features a two-stage action. Using the Zoom Focal Length The zoom can be adjusted from 35 to mm equivalent to 35 mm film format. Menus can be displayed by either pressing the button. Watch the LCD monitor while performing the following procedures. Selecting Settings by Pressing the Press the button.

Switch between menu tabs using B or A on the multicontroller. Selecting Menus and Settings continued Menu Settings and Factory Defaults This chart shows the options for each menu and the default settings. Set up Operation Vol. Customizing the Camera My Camera Settings My Camera allows you to customize the start-up image and start-up, shutter, operation and self-timer sounds.

Each menu item has three choices. Start-up image As default settings, My Camera setting [ Camera setting [ ] has an animal bird theme. Select setting content using B or A on the multicontroller. The following menu items can be saved to the camera. Select [ ] or [ ] using B or A on the multicontroller. Auto Mode In this mode, all you have to do is press the shutter button and let the camera do everything else.

There are two ways to display the image for longer. Changing the Resolution and Compression You can change the resolution and compression excluding movies settings to suit the purpose of the image you are about to shoot. Resolution L Large x pixels Changing the Resolution and Compression continued Select the resolution you wish to set using B or A on the multicontroller.

Select the compression you wish to set using B or A on the multicontroller. The resolution x and compression settings cannot be adjusted for these images. The previous screen will appear again, once the image is shot.

Press or the Shoot the image. Using the Flash Use the flash according to the guidelines below. In the [ Rec.



Try asking them to look directly at the lamp. Even better results can be obtained by shooting with the lens set to a wide angle, increasing the lighting in indoor settings or approaching closer to the subject.

Portrait Mode Use this mode when you want the subject to appear sharp and the background to blur. Night Scene Mode Use this mode to capture human subjects against the backdrop of an evening sky or night scene. The people are illuminated with light from the flash while the backdrop is captured at a slow shutter speed so that both appear correctly exposed. Slow Shutter Use this mode to shoot moving objects to make them appear blurred such as river rapids.

Stitch Assist Mode Use this mode to shoot a series of overlapping frames for merging stitching into a large panoramic image using a computer. Framing a Subject PhotoStitch detects the overlapping portions of adjoining images and merges them. Compose and shoot the second image so that it overlaps the first. Press B or A on the multicontroller to return to that frame. Use the same procedures to shoot the remaining frames.

The clip will end automatically after this time elapses or when the CF card becomes full. The actual figures will vary according to the shooting objects and conditions. Macro Mode Use the macro mode to shoot close-ups of subjects in the range of 10 to 50 cm 3. Press the button to turn the LCD monitor on. Self-Timer You can take pictures with the self-timer in any Shooting mode. Digital Zoom With the combined optical and digital zoom functions, images can be zoomed as follows.

Turn the shooting mode dial to any Shooting mode except for In the [ Rec. The actual figures will vary according to the shooting conditions and settings.

Shooting – Selecting Particular Effects Camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture can be freely changed for shooting. Use the following methods to obtain the correct exposure and make them show in white. Setting the Shutter Speed Maunal you set the shutter speed in the shutter speed-priority AE mode, the camera automatically selects an aperture value to match the brightness.

Faster shutter speeds allow you to catch an instantaneous image of a moving subject while slower speeds create a flowing effect and allow you to shoot without a flash in dark areas.

Canon Digital Camera PowerShot S45 User Guide |

If the camera shake warning camera to a tripod before shooting. Setting the Aperture When you set the aperture in the aperture-priority AE mode, kanual camera automatically selects a shutter speed to match the brightness. Selecting a lower aperture value opening the aperture allows you to fade the background and create a beautiful portrait.