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Send a message. Sensor Electronics Amplifier and transmitter modules – Amplifier module BURSTER PRÄZISIONSMESSTECHNIK GMBH & CO KG. Buy New or Surplus BURSTER IP65 (AMPLIFIER MODULE FOR STRAIN GAUGE/POTENTIOMETRIC) parts. Radwell also repairs BURSTER IP Download free 3D files & 2D drawings – Amplifier

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Built-in calibration, potential burstre, configurable by DIP-switches, easy installation on DIN mounting rails, optionally version with protection class IP Simply by mounting on conventional DIN-mount rails, it is possible to position the amplifier module on location, in the proximity of the sensor.

Especially for rough environments a IP65 version is available. The broad auxiliary power range and the choice between AC or DC permits operation on standard power supplies used in switch gear cabinets. A highly precise reference voltage source is built-in for calibration purposes. A calibrating shunt can also be connected via two separate terminals. This permits deliberate detuning of a strain gauge sensor for calibration or merely to check the measuring chain.


A highly accurate precision amplifier performs the amplification of the sensor signal being applied.

Amplifier 9243

The necessary gain factor is adjusted coarsely with DIP switches while fine-tuning is carried out 92433 using a potentiometer. Current and voltage outputs are available simultaneously.

The sensor excitation is performed by the amplifier module itself so that no additional voltage source is required. It can also be set in steps of 2. The maximum feed current of 35 mA permits parallel connection of several strain gages, e.

Measurement errors brought about by varying line lengths or due to temperature fluctuations effecting the sensor cable are avoided by having probe lines measuring the actual feed voltage directly on site at the sensor itself 6 wire technology.

burster 9243-ip65 Strain Gauge & Potentiometer Sensor Amplifier T118944

Fluctuations are immediately corrected electronically. The cut-off frequency of the amplifier can be switched between 10 Hz and 1 kHz. The DIP switches for configuring the entire device are found easily accessible, under a cover.


CAD data model CAD data accessories for measuring instruments. Download our new brochure.

burster Amplifier Module | eBay

This is all done through our research, development and production headquarters in Germany. This link will lead you to bursteer international website www. Integrated amplifier DE EN.

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