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In the vein of Mark Kurlansky’s bestselling Salt and Cod, a gripping chronicle of the myth, mystery, and uncertain fate of the world’s most popular fruit. Hudson Street Press, Paperback. Very Good / No Jacket. Item # ISBN: Paperback, very good, no jacket. Dan Koeppel, the author of Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World , says the international banana industry only has itself to.

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I walked into the front doors of my local library, and there was this book.

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World – Dan Koeppel – Google Books

Read it Forward Read it first. I don’t think it will have much re-read value, but it entertained me wonderfully this time. I knew it was a history of violent colonialism, but I didn’t know to what extent.

Unfortunately, Panama Disease is still a huge threat. However, the disease has remained in Asia Malaysia changing with the flora there.

Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World

Views Read Edit View history. Turns out the song was written when stores truly had kpeppel bananas to sell due to Panama Disease, a blight in Central America that nearly wiped out the fruit!

In fact, today’s banana the Cavendish wasn’t the first popular banana in the US. There is a hybrid grown in Asia that is high in beta carotene, promising an easier way to get vitamin A into picky children. Banama cultural lore surrounds the fruit: The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World.

Wow, is there ever a lot to learn about the banana! In any case, some chapters end with sentences like “this is why the banana you eat today might be the last of its kind you eat. This book covers the history — and future!


Eventually — around the ‘s — banana producers switched over to the Cavendish. Latin America is prime here, with many tales of banaa agricultural corporations, such as United Fruit now Chiquita and their machinations against local governments.

Banana by Dan Koeppel | : Books

So the bananas people ate in the ‘s – Gros Michels – are basically extinct. Please try again later. Connections to a variety of topics including fair trade, organic, GMO, the origin of the term “banana republic,” the connection between George H.

There was a problem adding your email address. Jul 01, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: View all 7 comments.

BeforeAmericans didn’t eat bananas at all. My grandfather always sang a song called “Yes, We Have No Bananas,” and as a child I always thought it was a silly song.

Our breed Cavendish is facing a similar disease. The blight is actually a difficult to fight fusarium fungus. It is about the cultivation and worldwide spread of bananas, the troubled history of big banana companies and the nasty things they did in Latin America, and the threats plaguing banana crops today.

Since they’re all genetically identical, they are very susceptible to disease.

But that loeppel happen, you can bet on that. A gripping biological detective story that uncovers the myth, mystery, and endangered fate of the world’s most humble fruit To most people, a banana is a banana: We are experiencing technical difficulties. Mar 04, Kay rated it it was ok Shelves: I a teenager, just beginning to write, searching for inspiration. On and on it goes, jerking back and forth among narrative threads, some of which are only peripheral to the two major components of the story, either of which would have been a book in its own right.


It is poorly written, sloppily researched, randomly organized, simplistically argued. Inspired by Your Browsing History. If you liked Pollan’s Botany of Desire, this will work well for you. It’s the 4th largest crop grown in the world, ,oeppel wheat, rice and corn.

Dan Koeppel born is an American author and columnist. The page central story is broken up into thirty-six chapters, some a mere three pages long. This is a good book if you want to know about Chiquita, but not Dole. Banana combines a pop-science journey around the globe, a fascinating tale of an iconic American business enterprise, and a look into the alternately tragic and hilarious banana subculture one does exist ran ultimately taking us to the high-tech labs where new bananas are literally being built in test tubes, in a race bsnana save the keppel most beloved fruit.

The banana that was around in the ‘s – the Gros Michel, bigger, sturdier and more delicious than our current Cavendish – WAS wiped out by Panama disease and after many experiments, the supposedly immune Koeppel replaced it.

Mar 13, Bobscopatz rated it it was amazing. Sure, this book gives a lot of information about bananas, but what makes that impressive is bznana he connects that knowledge with history.