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1. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION United States Legal Document ≠ All citizens and residents are hereby advised that this. Edition of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). Summary of . BPVC-IX Section IX Welding and Brazing Qualifications. ASME Order. Section VIII, Rules for Construction of. Pressure Vessels, Division 1. BPVC-IX . BPVC-IX. Section IX, Welding, Brazing, and. Fusing Qualifications. ASME’S ( ). • Process Piping: The Complete Guide to. ASME B, Third Edition.

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asme IX bpvc.ix.2010

Examination, testing, and acceptance criteria shall be in accordance with QW Preferably, provide a copy of the specific referenced portions of the Code.

Cross-sections shall be smoothed and etched with a suitable etchant see QWand examined at a minimum magnification of 25X. In order to pass the tension shear test sthe requirements of QW shall apply. Seam welding specimens shall be prepared as shown in figure QW The performance test may be terminated at any stage of the testing procedure, whenever it becomes apparent to the supervisor conducting the tests that the welder or welding operator does not have the required skill to produce satis- factory results.

The end of each strip of the macro coupon shall be polished and etched to clearly reveal the weld metal. When qualifying pipe-to-plate or asm in the 5F position, the test specimens shall be removed as indicated in figure QW Specify one of the following: Additional sketches or information may be attached or referenced to record the required variables.

Editorial corrections or addenda to the PQR are permitted. The Code recognizes a manufacturer or contractor as the organization which has responsible operational control of the production of the weldments to be made in accor- dance with this Code.

When an immediate retest is made, the welder or welding operator shall make two consecutive test coupons for each position which he has failed, all of which shall pass the visual examination requirements. Such requirements take prece- dence over those of this Section, and the manufacturer or contractor shall comply with them.

Full text of “ASME BPVC IX (): Addendum to the Edition”

The PQR is a record of variables recorded during the welding of the test coupons. It is important that the user of the Edition of Section IX understand the basic criteria in reviewing the requirements which have been established.

In order to pass the macro-examination, each of the eight specimens shall meet the following cri- teria: QW Hard-Facing Weld Metal Overlay Wear Resistant a The size of the test coupons, limits of base metal thickness qualification, required examinations and tests, and test specimens shall be as specified in table QW The new revision to position indicates that a welder qualifies in the 1G, 2G, 3G, etc.


These paragraphs require that each manufacturer or con- tractor an assembler or an installer is to be included within this premise shall be responsible for conducting tests to qualify the performance of welders and welding operators in accordance with qualified Welding Procedure Specifica- tions, which his organization employs in the construction of weldments built in accordance with the Code.

The WPS or other documents may be used to pro- vide direction to the welder or welding operator to assure compliance with the Code requirements. Where qualification is for fillet welds only, the require- ments are given in QW WPS qualification for groove welds shall be made on groove welds using tension and guided-bend specimens. Douin — Ohio Secretary J. A single- welded groove- weld test coupon with backing or a double-welded groove-weld test coupon shall be con- sidered welding with backing.

Reduced-sec- tion specimens conforming to the requirements given in figure QW Sanna, Staff Secretary B. Stud metal shall be classified by nominal chemical 200 and can be assigned asje P-Number when it meets the nominal composition of any one of the P-Number metals. The Secretary of the ASME Boiler vpvc Pressure Vessel Committee or of the appropriate Subcom- mittee shall acknowledge receipt of each properly prepared inquiry and shall provide a written response to the inquirer upon completion of the requested action by the Code Committee.

Nonmandatory Forms for welding and brazing procedure and performance qualifications appear in Appendix B. If there is evidence that the xsme welds are not being made in accordance with the procedure specification, the authorized inspector may require that a check be made on the chemical composition of the weld metal.

Nonmandatory Forms for welding and brazing procedure and performance qualifications appear in Appendix B. The dimensions and preparation of the fillet-weld test coupon for procedure qualification as required in QW shall conform to the requirements in figure QW Guided-bend tests as described in QW are used to determine the degree of soundness and bpbc of groove-weld joints. Seam welding machine qualification testing shall be the same as procedure qualification testing required per QW The weld is trans- verse to the longitudinal axis of the specimen, which is bent so that the face surface becomes the convex surface of the bent specimen.


Brzuszkiewicz, Staff Secretary S. Biel, Contributing Member J.

CSEF alloys are a family of ferritic steels whose creep construction. It is not permissible for the manufacturer or contractor to have the supervision and control of welding of the test weldments performed by another organization.

When a manufacturer or contractor or part of a manufacturer or contractor is acquired by a new owner sthe WPQs may be used by the new owner s without requalifi cation, pro- 200 all of the following are met: The trans- verse specimens shall be of sufficient length to include weld, the heat- bpvcc zone, and portions of the unaffected base material.

The Code is not a handbook and cannot replace education, experi- ence, and the use of engineering judgment. The WPS shall limit the depth of the 210, which will receive the corrosion-resistant overlay in order to ensure develop- ment of the full strength of the underlying weld in the base metal. Basile, Vice Chair S.

To invoke these revisions before their mandatory date, use the designation ” Edition” in documentation required by this Code. Refer to recommended Forms in Nonmandatory Appendix B.

Cordes, Secretary C A. The Procedure Qualification Record PQR documents what occurred during welding the test coupon and the results of testing of the coupon.

When the welder or the welding operator has had further training or practice, a new asmd shall be made for each position on which he failed to meet the requirements. A welder or welding operator qualified in combination on a single test coupon is qualified to weld in production using any of his processes individually or in different combinations, provided he welds within his limits of qualification with each specific process.

All materials allowed by these various Sections and used for construction within the scope of their rules shall be furnished in accordance with material specifications contained in Section II or referenced in the Guidelines for Acceptable Editions in Section II, Parts A and B, except where otherwise provided in Code Cases or in the applicable Section of the Code. The new revision to position indicates that a welder qualifies in the 1G, 2G, 3G, etc.

QW Special Examinations for Welders Radiographic or ultrasonic examination per QW may be substituted for mechanical testing of QW for groove-weld performance qualification as permitted in QW to prove the ability of welders to make sound welds.