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The NHLBI ARDS Network enrolled 5, patients across ten randomized controlled trials and one observational study. ARDSNet I. ARDSNet II. KARMA. ARMA. PART I: VENTILATOR SETUP AND ADJUSTMENT. 1. Calculate predicted body weight (PBW). Males = 50 + [height (inches) – 60]. Females = + ARDSnet: Ventilation with Lower Tidal Volumes as Compared with Traditional Tidal Randomised, controlled trial; 2×2 study combined with.

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It found tria difference in mortality. Pulmonary edema is more likely to accumulate in ARDS. In the ICU this often requires diuresis to keep patient even or negative despite the gtt’s they will be recieving. Primary outcome was 60 day mortality which showed no difference.

NHLBI ARDS Network | Studies

Enrolled patients in early ‘s not too far after ARDSnet was published. All patients were shipped to a large quaternary facility from other major tertiary facilities sometimes by Royal Air Force. This was the only center than ran the ECMO arm of this multicenter trial. The other centers kept patients if they were randomized to the control xrdsnet.


The control arm was ardsne to do “usual care” but strongly encouraged to run a low pressure, low volume vent strategy. Shown to improve oxygenation but has not been proven to affect mortality. It’s affects on oxygenation are also transient.

It was thought to reduce ventilator induced lung injury and was used fairly frequently as a rescue ardsnt salvage therapy. Two trials came out in that ended HFOV as a frequently used therapy in our practice except in very rare occasions.

This was felt to be related to maintiaining a higher MAP lead to larger volumes of IVF and pressors for circulatory support. Rock Angel by Joakim Karud https: Music promoted by Audio Library https: An objective assessment to rule out hydrostatic pulmonary edema is required.

Mild ARDS is suggested to be under diagnosed. Physiology of ards Histologically in the lungs “diffuse alveolar damage” DAD is seen Initial response to injury: Ardsmet tidal volume will often require “permissive hypercapnea”.


Also shown to improve oxygenation without any proven affect in mortality.