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KnowledgeSTUDIO provides you with advanced data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle. Angoss Software Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with offices in the KnowledgeSTUDIO is a data mining and predictive analytics suite for the model development and deployment cycle. Its features include data. Angoss provides data mining software and services designed to aid in business decision-making. The company’s applicatins are used to track and manage data .

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Strategy trees for data mining – ANGOSS SOFTWARE CORPORATION

User context based distributed self service system for service enhanced resource delivery. Manually set priorities, cost and profit ratings, or historically derived propensity models can rank the multiple offers on ajgoss customer-by-customer basis.

In the above method, the one or more values may include outputs from data mining models e. Typically, each client and server i. Note that the nodes in strategy agoss may have coloring. User defined metrics i. First, consider the case where models are considered as just another form of calculation. And, the Strategy Publisher menu may have selections including: Angos user selects the dataset with the unwanted expressions and this command will copy the data and remove the expressions.

Treatments in interior nodes are additional. Computer memory structure for storing original source information and associated interpretative information. If it is not selected, each baris the same width regardless of the number of rows. Each barrepresents calculationsapplied to a node e. Multiple windows may be displayed simultaneously, such as: The dialog allows a user to preserve the existing split if there is one.


Sum—a calculation based of the sum a field e.

Michael Goebel and Le Gruenwald. The tree being copied can be a decision tree or a strategy tree. At each node -treatmentsor actions can be applied according to the aforementioned calculationsand the related business rules within the organization. With respect to expression migration, the following describes how calculated columns flow to partitions and models and ultimately end up available for scoring, in accordance with one embodiment of the invention.

Credit line increases are properly implemented, balances are increased, and interest payments may be improved i. For example, a dialog minin is a window that may be displayed to request information from the user or to supply information to anoss user.

The angoas tree object is a distinct object from a decision tree with its own set of menus and tabs. The system requires the [age] field to perform the scoring and does not require [Age Category] or the score field because they are contained within the strategy model and are computed as required.

Accordingly, a solution that addresses, at least in part, the above and other shortcomings is desired. With this function, users can assign treatmentsto nodes.

As will also be understood by those skilled in the art, the server may include a number of separate servers depending on system requirements.

Examples could be to telemarket the target group, or just send a mailer. System and method for configuring, sequencing angkss viewing joins in a query. A user can also highlight one or more contiguous or non-contiguous cells and assign a new treatment.


Angoss – Wikipedia

A user can toggle view tagged-nodes-only. The treatment is displayed in a window on the display screen of the user’s client system For example, the amount of time required to create decision tables is extensive.

With a continuous dependent variable the middle of the bar is the average e. What are the opportunities for improvement? After the dialog is completed, a decision tree is grown automatically. A user may also sort the node report by clicking the column titles – A more detailed description of aspects of the strategy tree method of the present invention is provided in the following.

Finally, deploying data mining models and strategies is a difficult process typically involving time consuming manual programming steps. The very first split can segment the population. A user can store multiple tree structures in the clipboard.


The ddata of claim 1 wherein the GUI includes a respective editor for defining each of the conditional, calculation, and treatment expressions and a code generation function to generate the respective first computer code, second computer code and third computer code. Hierarchical parametric apparatus and method for recognizing drawn characters.

The strategy tree deployment function includes several commands and functions related to deploying strategy trees within an end-user system e. Any number of name value pairs can be passed.

The strategy tree module also includes a strategy tree viewer and editor function e.