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The Joyous Cosmology is a brilliant arrangement of words describing This is, of course, exactly the distinction which Alan Watts wants us to transcend. But Mr. The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the insight that the consciousness-changing drugs LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can. “To begin with, this world has a different kind of time. It is the time of biological rhythm, not of the clock and all that goes with the clock. There is.

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At the high end of the garden, above a clearing, there stands against the mountain wall a semicircle of trees, immensely tall and dense with foliage, suggesting the entrance grove to some ancient temple.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness – Alan Watts – Google Books

Basically there is the gesture. Here is the vicious circle: We jooyus had to return again and again to the nondualistic conceptions of Eastern philosophy, a theory of mind made more explicit and familiar in our Western world by Bergson, Aldous Huxley, and Alan Watts. The landscape I am watching is also a state of myself, of the neurons in my head.

Such documents exist by the thousand, and, in fhe of our very rudimentary knowledge of the brain, seem to me to have a rather limited value.

The search for and acceptance of the self, as well as the spiritual way, permeate his work. In this way it begins to appear that instead of knowers and knowns there are simply knowings, and instead of doers and deeds simply doings.

The atmosphere should be homelike rather than clinical, and it is of the utmost importance that the supervisor’s attitude be supportive and sympathetic.

What is light to the eye is sound to the ear. This is the simultaneous compulsion to preserve oneself and to forget oneself.

And if this should come to be a universe in which man is neither thought nor felt to be a lonely subject confronted by alien and threatening objects, we shall have a cosmology not only unified but also joyous. The two seem like egg and hen, or like back and front. He wrote joyius 25 books and numerous articles on subjects such as personal hoyous, the true nature of reality, higher con Alan Wilson Watts was a British philosopher, writer and speaker, who held both a Master’s in Theology and a Doctorate of Divinity.


I am not quite sure of the direction from which sounds come. But this is a preliminary and clumsy way of feeling that what happens outside the body is one wxtts with what happens inside it. Among our many discussions, we debated the relative merits of his preferred method to that preferred by most of the students at the college.

For what consciousness overlooks is the fact that all boundaries and divisions are held in common by their opposite sides and areas, so that when a boundary changes its shape both sides move together. Unfortunately our forms of speech follow the design of the social fiction which separates the conscious will from the rest of the organism, making it the independent agent which causes and regulates our actions.

If pressed for time I recommend Joyous Cosmology as an extremely efficient and beautifully written depiction dosmology psychedelic states of mind and the associated critical observations by eminent authorities. But Western teachers work on the exoteric and democratic principle that everything possible must be done to inform and assist the student so as to make his mastery of the subject as easy as possible.

I feel my leg is being pulled. I am not looking at the world, not confronting it; I am knowing it by a continuous process of transforming it into myself, so that everything around me, the whole globe of space, no longer feels away from me but in the middle. Otherwise, it is simply that the natural world is endowed with a richness of grace, color, significance, and, sometimes, humor, for which our normal adjectives are insufficient.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

He changed his views after some experiences with the drugs and this book is his contribution to the discussion, a contribution specifically focusing on the emotional and religious aspects of the experience. Then words to specify the need, to promise and bargain. The entire pattern swirls in watys complexity like smoke in sunbeams or the rippling networks of sunlight in shallow water. Because one stops forcing experience with the conscious will and looking at things as if one were confronting them, or standing aside from them to manage th, it is possible for one’s fundamental and unitive apprehension of the world to rise to the surface.

Divided matter and form becomes unified pattern-in-process. The associative couplings of the brain seem to fire simultaneously instead of one at a time, projecting a view of life which may be terrifying in its ambiguity or joyous in its integrity. At first its mood is stately and royal, as if there were officers and courtiers in rich armor and many-colored cloaks dancing before their king.


Mexican healers and religious leaders from South and North American Indian groups have for centuries cosmolog sacred plants to trigger off the expansion jouous consciousness. I imagine it must be some of his far-out friends in a great session of nonsense-chanting. There is no hurry.

The mystical experience, whether induced by chemicals or other means, enables the individual to watta so peculiarly open and sensitive to organic reality that the ego begins to be seen for the transparent abstraction that it is.

Yet could anything be more obvious than that the past follows from the present like the wake of a ship, and that if we are to be alive at all, here is wayts place to be? Love, unity, harmony, and relationship therefore take precedence over war and division. This book does an incredible job at explaining the many thoughts that cross the minds of people who are fortunate allan to really explore their inner self while under the influence of certain chemicals. Transparency is the property of the eyeball, projected outward as luminous space, interpreting quanta of energy in terms of the gelatinous fibers in the head.

Alan Watts. The Joyous Cosmology, Terebess Asia Online (TAO)

So I will be very frank. But pretense is only pretense when it is assumed that the act is not true to the agent. Potentially, then, they would seem to offer a marvelous parallel to Wxtts science, but on the level of our immediate awareness of the world.

For science pursues the common-sense assumption that the natural world is a multiplicity of individual things and events by attempting to describe these units as accurately and minutely as possible.

This unoccupied gulf between spiritual or brotherly love and sexual love corresponds to the cleft between spirit and matter, mind and body, so divided that our affections or our activities are assigned either to one or to the other. But oddly, considering my absorption in Zen at the time, the flavor of these experiences was Hindu rather than Chinese.