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Alan Glynn is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. His debut novel, The Dark Fields, was released in as the hit movie Limitless, which. Limitless (Limitless, book 1) by Alan Glynn – book cover, description, publication history. Bordering on techno-thriller territory, this slick, suspenseful debut imagines a new breed of “smart drug” that produces some deadly side effects.

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Word of mouth will do the rest.

Dec 21, Casilde rated it it was ok. It very much feels when you read the book that the writer is knowledgeable about the topics and about Manhattan.

While this story was published inI’m certain there were successful women in the New York City of that time. You suffer blackouts well, you do this even while on the drug, and sometimes get aggressive and kill people and don’t remember ithave headaches, insomnia and lose your ability to focus and concentrate — so you end up stupider than when you started.

And then there’s the descriptions. One display panel talked about advances in pharmacology allowing us to enhance natural abilities and cognitive functions, sort of like steroids for the brain.

For a super-genius his behavior was kind of dumb.


But while MDT is helping Eddie achieve the kind of success he’s only dreamed about, it’s also chipping away at his sanity-splitting headaches, spontaneous blackouts, violent outbursts. Or is it simply the story of a human lab rat, someone who was tagged and followed and glhnn, and then discarded?

Apr 09, Jennifer Willis rated it really liked it. I’m really not so sure any of these do require a lot if any of mental enhancement… The most beneficiary effect in my view was that the protagonist stopped wanking metaforically speaking and thinking about time being lost and started getting busy using it.

However, the females of this novel were often used as love limitlses, and only Melissa and Van Loon’s limit,ess actually talked to Eddie without the story delving into how he liked her eyes or whatever and even then, Melissa was described as something along the lines of “unattractive,” and the secretary was barely even noted.


Lists with This Book. Don’t feed me research just because you did it. A very entertaining book. For a book that’s supposed to be an account of Eddie’s experience with the MDT from memory!! I’m also steering clear of the obvious theme of addition here. I’ve not seen the movie, “Limitless,” based on this book glyn Alan Glynn.

Glnn template wayback links Use mdy dates from May Pages to import images to Wikidata. And before I go on: I sat staring at it for a while, undecided, and then counted out ten of them again. If I were the editor, I would have cut the entire arc glyhn had to do with Van Loon and focused on the other aspects.

You are productive, driven, creative, and you can learn very fast.

That and sales of the re-issued Limitless novel as a film tie-in have helped tremendously with promoting my other books. It has some important points to make about personal responsibility where being morally reprehensible is often seen as a virtue, particularly in the business world. And with option renewals every eighteen months or so for the following few years, it went on paying bills. It was like a condensed history lesson about things I could care less about and that did not further the story alo When I first started this book, I wrote: When I finish a book, I want to move on.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I believe the changes were done intentionally so that the movie would have much more entertainment value. Of course, everything comes with a downside as Eddie starts having memory lapses, during which time he may or may not have seriously injured a person.

The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn

As it turned out, the book was very Hollywood-friendly, and could be pitched in four words: Glynn’s sustained, rapid-fire pace hurls readers headfirst toward a gripping, if bleak, conclusion that makes for some breathless page-turning. Also, I knew from the beginning that she understood the book and wanted to be as faithful to it as possible.

He is single, living in a small messy apartment and not exactly realising his dreams. My experience is so limited that I would hesitate to offer advice. Basically, the studios are cutting their development budgets and shifting the time and cost burden of development onto the seller. Novel writing is a massively complex, organic process that has to be allowed to breathe and transform itself as it goes along.


Where did I get off lecturing two billionaires about how to make money?

Limitless (Limitless, book 1) by Alan Glynn

The book was originally published in and was called The Dark Fields. Again, it’s great to include things in a story that are important to the story, otherwise you bore your reader half to death, and there’s another two star rating in the books. Mostly because of the writing, as mentioned above, but there are other reasons, as well.

Stockpile some funds, it would take you one day of your life to set yourself up for a princely life compared to starting life in case you and the drug have to part ways, but nope, just keep blindly heading forward.

The book had gone out of print aroundand the possibility of a movie being made of it was the one hope I was clinging to, but even that seemed to be receding. The Dark Fields Author s: The book moves at a fast pace and when the deaths and confusion start it go from good to excellent. I’ve deliberately not answered the central question of the book — what would I do? I’d also like to apologize to them for being so late with the review.

There were also no more crushed pizza-boxes to be seen in the apartment, or empty beer cans, limitlesx dirty socks … and every single inch limihless surface space was polished and gleaming … c Seriously???!!! And just a thought: I except you won’t forget the details, the dirt under the finger nails, and that if any of it contributes to the plot limiitless you’ll be able to write without pulling stuff out of your ass.