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open world. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Welcome to Introduction to ActionScript , a book on ActionScript that anyone, including you, can edit!. These functions will be discussed in this chapter as well as the second section of this book. Other built-in functions do not belong to a built-in class. They can be. The definition of private has changed since ActionScript , where it allowed access by subclasses. If you do not specify an access modifier explicitly, the.

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ActionScript CookBook | Adobe Community

Now suppose you put a worm in the apple and want to refer to the main timeline from the worm. All objects have properties and methods, remember? Because later chapters build on topics discussed early on, you may not always be able to jump right to a specific topic without first reviewing earlier chapters. When deciding if the book in your hands will be a good resource for your library, it might help you to know why we, the authors, wrote this particular book.

Constant width bold Shows commands or other text that should be typed literally. One situation in which we must use this is when a parameter and a timeline variable have the same name. Lynda Weinman, Bruce Heavin, and everyone at Lynda. Although we feel this volume covers the basics fairly well, both a familiarity with the Flash interface and knowledge of programming fundamentals is assumed.

Is it possible to reference the main timeline from the apple?

The reason why new properties can be added to the instance is because MovieClip is a dynamic class. Note that if you have programming experience, this book will be quite easy for you. Answering a question by citing this book and quoting example code does not require permission. Throughout this book we cover relevant syntax with extensive comments, but the first two chapters serve as a foundation upon which the rest coojbook the chapters are built. This will be covered in the second section.


Between these two supplemental efforts, we hope this book will be useful to a wide variety of scripters and allow you to actionsvript along the ActionScript 3.

Introduction to ActionScript 2.0

An attribution usually includes the title, author, publisher, copyright holder, and ISBN. This book is intended to help anyone, including those without programming experience, to learn ActionScript and programming in general.

A constructor function is the most important method of a class. The source file archives for each chapter are available from the Downloads page, and you can sort posts by category or use the search feature to find posts by name.

Firstly, primitive data types don’t usually need constructors since they can be initialised with their literals. The primitive data types can also be applied the constructor function when they are initialised.

Secondly, AS2 is easier for novice programmers. This is not our aim here; rather, we hope to make you into a programmer through the simple language that is ActionScript.

To learn more, get a more advanced book or check out the official ActionScript documentation. In computer science if a value is null or undefined, there avtionscript anything in it.

How This Book Is Organized. ActionScript provides a huge number of built-in functions. It’s 7 on the crunchiness scale and 5 on the juiciness scale.

In most cases, these exercises and notes are not central to understanding syntax or a coo,book as a whole. Create a new MovieClip in cokbook library. Therefore, the main timeline has various built-in properties and methods we have to learn. Now suppose we’re too lazy to type in ‘this. It is the grand-daddy of all classes. As a basic text, this book has understandable constraints that limit the extent of coverage we can offer.


It is used to initialise an instance of a class. We can use with to solve this problem:.

Introduction to ActionScript 2.0/Introduction

Constant width italic Shows text that should be replaced with user-supplied values. Remember the Object class? They are provided by Flash. This book is for Sally and Claire.

If you feel your use of code examples falls outside fair use or the permission given above, feel free to contact us at permissions oreilly.

Since you made it to this chapter, it’s time to break the news to you: Although actuonscript worked perfectly for the primitive data types, it is more complicated for the composite data types which you can’t type in directly. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Most are compatible with Flash CS3 Professional, some require later versions of the tool, and some require Flash Player So, we started to acgionscript how we could fill this void and provide a book to our students that would really help them beyond the classroom.

Similarly, if you are a relatively experienced ActionScript 2.