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AbdouMaliq Simone is an urbanist with an abiding interest in the spatial and social compositions of urban regions. He is a research associate at the Max Planck. Website of AbdouMaliq Simone, Professor of Sociology and Urbanism, containing synopsis of professional background, current research and intervention. Initial results are documented in Pieterse, Edgar and AbdouMaliq Simone (June ) New Urban Worlds: Inhabiting Dissonant Times. London; New York.

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This an urban life that is more than its multiple manifestations, that exceeds any definitive attempt to pin it down, and that yet remains something specific, and not simply a potential-making machine.

His present research examine unconventional processes of urbanization across extended urban regions in South and Southeast Asia, exploring particularly the kinds of analytical and governance frameworks necessary to address the disparate conjunctions of landscapes, aspirations, and economies prevalent in these regions. He has worked on remaking municipal systems, training local government personnel, designing collaborative partnerships among technicians, residents, artists, and politicians.

Urban Practices and Political Islam in Sudan. Home Current Projects Publications.

Major findings so far point to a major transformation in how residents think about urban life, the valorization of circulation—through more expansive urban circuits and heterogeneous economic and social networks—and the prolific re-assembly of collective life under new, more provisional modalities that often diverge from the imaginaries suggested by the new built environments in which people increasingly reside. In the Life of Cities: Urban Imaginaries and the Practices of Modernity.


About AbdouMaliq AbdouMaliq Simone is an urbanist with an abiding interest in the spatial and social compositions of urban regions. Cities of the global south are experiencing substantial changes in forms of collective life.

AbdouMaliq Simone

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research City Life from Jakarta to Dakar: Muslim Youth and Expanding Circuitries of Operation. Urban Life in Four African Cities. A World of Cities: Urban Imaginaries in a Globalizing Age. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography Notes from Urban Africa. Duke University Press, Theory, Culture and Society Making Urban Life in Phnom Penh.

For the City Yet to Come: Violence and Non-Violence in Africa. Home Current Projects Publications.

Berkeley Planning Journal

In Michael Sorkin ed. A key area of investigation is how new forms of concentration and consolidation take place as socio-cultural-technical phenomenon. University of Minnesota Abdoummaliq, AbdouMaliq Simone is an urbanist with an abiding interest in the spatial and social compositions of urban regions. First phase outcomes of the work, focusing methodologically on how everyday life and macrostructural changes can be considered simultaneously, elaborates how adaptive urban agendas—focusing on infrastructural change—can build cross-class, cross-sectoral coalitions capable of shaping urbanization processes across these regions in more sustainable and just ways.

Dynamic Frontiers in Contemporary Africa. Remaking District Life in Jakarta.

AbdouMaliq Simone | Urban Institute – The University of Sheffield

He also explores the effects of globalized generic blackness as an organizing instrument of urban life and the kinds of political instruments that are entailed in circumventing racialized control systems.


This project undertakes a more socio-cultural exploration of andoumaliq complexion of mobilities, labor, and social interchange at work in these corridors, using them as a site to understand the composition of new heterogeneities among materiality, everyday life, and built environments.

In Alev Cinar and Thomas Bender eds. AbdouMaliq Simone Individual www. In Mohsen Mostafavi ed. Changing Contours of Survival in the City.

My work focuses largely on Jakarta and Yangon, examining the disentanglement of long-hone self-evolved districts and economies, the resettlement of larger swathes of the population within siimone vertical housing complexes, and the concomitant remaking of collective action, conceptualizations of residence simlne urban life, as well as household units. Follow AbdouMaliq on Twitter: Edited collection of contemporary scholarship. Parallel Architectures and the Politics of Space.

His work reveals the potential of these cities and points to how their particular resources can be put to work for the development of urban planning policies and proposals.

An Interview with AbdouMaliq Simone

Living through Uncertainty in Jakarta. Parallel Narratives of the Urban.

Westview Press and Perseus, He brings to the Urban Institute a simobe background working in urban areas of Africa, South and Southeast Asia, with a particular interest in the everyday lives of Muslim working class residents.