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By State law, all local government energy codes, including the NYCECC, must be more stringent than the ECCCNYS. NYC Energy Conservation Code. Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State Comparison of the residential provisions of the ECCCNYS and the NYSECCC. (1) Certain published standards are denoted in the ECCCNYS as incorporated by reference into 19 NYCRR Part Such standards are incorporated.

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A copy of the building permit application denial if one was issued by the code enforcement official. Delete text after “Exceptions” redundant of Exception 1 immediately following. The code enforcement officialupon notification, ecccnnys make the requested inspections and shall either indicate the portion of the construction that is satisfactory as completed, or notify the permit holder or his or her agent wherein the same fails to comply with this code.

Deleted exception for climates that may have less than 3, HDD.

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To correct the violating condition in accordance with the approved plans Email energycodeinspections buildings. Inserted comma between “visually impaired” and “visual impairment. Sections added as requested. Questions references to Questions applicability of section.

The party receiving such notification shall have 20 days from the date of such notification in which to provide, in writing, any comments or additional information pertaining to the request for an interpretation, provided that the Commissioner may waive this deadline when warranted by extenuating circumstances.

If the construction changes result in a building no longer complying with the NYCECC, as demonstrated by a failed energy analysis, the progress inspector cannot certify on the EN2 Form that the work is in compliance and the application cannot be ecccnys.

It is referred to herein as “this code.

Energy Conservation Code

Change “may” to “shall. Construction or work for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the code enforcement official. Revised to provide that pool heaters fired by natural gas or LPG shall not have continuously burning pilot lights. Formatted symbols in Size Category column. ecccnyw

Building spaces with a peak design rate of energy usage less than 3. A registered design professional shall provide to the code enforcement official a written certification that the required HVAC tests, system balancing, etc. Consider not exempting interiors of historic buildings in which interiors are not registered by the Local, State or Federal Government. Once the PAA drawings have been approved by Sustainability Enforcement you will receive an email stating that your submission has resolved the violation for which it was submitted.


Added reference to Chapter 6 in title. Where reference is made within this code to codes referenced in the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codethe reference shall be deemed to be to the New York City Construction Codes. It is intended that this code apply to additionsalterationsand renovations to existing residential building in all cases where the IECC would apply, and that this code shall apply to additionsalterations and renovations to existing commercial buildings in all cases where ASHRAE International Code Council, Inc.

Alterationsrenovations or repairs to walls and floors, where the existing structure is without framing cavities and no new framing cavities are created. Revised to permit use of the prescribed lighting power density determined using Table The building shall have a final inspection and not be occupied until approved.

The authority having jurisdiction shall be permitted to determine a national, state or local energy efficiency program to exceed the energy efficiency required by this code.

Questions deletion of IECC Spaces undergoing a change in occupancy that would result in an increase in demand for either fossil fuel or electrical energy shall comply with this code. Deleted delta symbol before centigrade conversions. If a Cure is eccnys sought please allow enough time for this process to occur.

New York State Energy Law section bas in effect at the time of adoption of this code, provides that in the case of the renovation of an existing building, this code 1 shall apply only if the renovation is a “substantial renovation” i. Pursuant to section of the New York State Energy Law, and subject to the provisions and requirements of that section, any municipality has the power to promulgate a local energy conservation construction code that is more stringent than the Energy Code. Requirements for the design of building envelopes dcccnys adequate thermal resistance and low air leakage and for the design and selection of mechanical, electrical, 200 water heating and illumination systems and equipment which enables effective use of energy in new building construction are set forth in a publication entitled Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State, publication date: Where ecccnnys provisions of this code and the referenced standards conflict, the provisions of this code shall take precedence.


Added this new section, which deals with interpretation of local code provisions. After the prescribed tests and inspections indicate that the work complies in all respects with this code, a notice of approval shall be issued by the code enforcement official.

Deleted the topic is now covered in Section The following buildings, or portions thereof, separated from the remainder of the building by building thermal envelope assemblies complying with this code shall be exempt from the building thermal envelope provisions of this code. Added text from the International Energy Conservation Code [the “IECC”] requiring 1 continuous air barriers to be sealed with caulking materials or closed with gasketing systems compatible with the construction materials and location; 2 joints and seams to be sealed in ecccbys same manner or taped ceccnys covered with a moisture vapor-permeable wrapping material; and 3 sealing materials spanning joints ecccny construction materials to allow for expansion and contraction of the construction materials.

Identification ceccnys each requirement of this code for which an interpretation is requested. Corrected ” Pa ” to ” Pa.

If the provisions of Article 11 of the New York State Energy Law, as in effect at the time of any alterationrenovation or repair to an existing building, require that such building be exempt from this code, then such alterationrenovation or repair to such building need not comply with this code.

Prerequisite for exception has been omitted. Part of IECC Deleted “repairs” from the section title and text. Inserted space to read “the potential for snow or iceā€¦.